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I've had my eye on these presets for a while now, and I finally gave them a try! I'm super happy. I'm really glad I decided to try The Vintage Film Preset Pack. It instantly transforms an ordinary photo into something really charming and fun! I definitely recommend it to everyone, and I'll definitely be trying the other presets in the future!
Really great presets! First, I bought the ultimate summer preset pack, which I was very satisfied with. It makes the colors vibrant and summery. Now I also purchased the vintage film preset pack, which is such a steal! It makes photo editing so exciting and effortless that I sometimes spend hours editing my photos because it's kind of addictive :D The before and after effect is just fantastic!
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I’m in Israel right now and I have been testing the Mediterranean preset pack A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (*) I’ve been using them on different photos since the first day, and they’re simply amazing! Thank you for creating them!